Our Philosophy

Café fresh eatery & wine bar was created to be a place unlike any other, a place that is not just a job for our team, or just a meal for our guests. Our menu is unique, our atmosphere sophisticated and classy, yet comfortable. Our focus is to be an establishment that offers a fresh fare, served with a fun, friendly attitude while making our guests feel right at home.

Our company is headed by two hands on entrepreneurs turned restaurateurs. Our attention to detail is what sets us aside in the market. We obsess about all the details that surround the food… the presentation of our plates, our team, our establishment, packaging and much more – especially the ambiance and all that has to do with the guest experience. We are proud to be marching to the beat of our own drum and very grateful for all the successes that we have experienced. Our team consistently pushes ourselves to deliver more and find new ways to wow our guests.

We are passionate about food, passionate about hospitality and passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. We love this business and all that it entails. One of the highest points is experiencing the chaos of the kitchen during a busy service and then walking thru the doors into the calm dining room to guests who are thoroughly enjoying their experience, having no idea what it took to pull it all together, this is an amazing feeling. We love to be a part of our guests memories.

We strive for a family oriented culture and believe that the relationships that develop between our team members and our guest is such an important part of what we are doing.

We are proud and excited about what we do and truly blessed to get to do what we love each and every day! It is our hope that our guests love the experience at our place too.

Some History

My first job in a restaurant was when I was 14 years old. I worked at specialty sandwich shop. It was a family owned and operated, order at the counter type establishment. I took the order, made the order, and cleaned up after the order. I loved every bit of this business.

Growing up, I actually developed my love of food through my relationship with my father. He taught me how to make the perfect sandwich. Sometimes just the two of us would go to the nearby butcher and get a couple of bacon wrapped filet mignons for grilling. We’d make salad, potatoes, all he fixings… and of course dessert!  Usually we’d dine with TV trays but I felt on top of the world hanging with dad.

Also, during my child hood one night, my mom [There is a bit of a friendly family dispute on who taught me to make these, my aunt claims she did, my mom claims she taught my aunt – I’m happy to share with everyone!] made us this strange bite size “hordurve.”  We had no idea what this word was but thought that what we were eating was pretty cool. From that night on I was in love with this bite size delight. While I’ve heard. it called many things, we call it a “cream cheese pickle.” This delicious wonder consists of some pretty basic items, a whole kosher dill pickle, cream cheese and a thinly sliced deli meat. We garnish many of our plates with a slice, it’s our take on the infamous deli spear. Growing up this was my go to comfort food. It wasn’t until about our 4th year in business that I remembered how important this delight was to me as a child. Funny the things that become a part of you.

I have always loved to create. I remember a story that my father lovingly tells about a time when I was in elementary school and told him at the last minute that I needed him to go to the grocery store because I needed to make a dish to take to school the next day. It was late at night, he told me no. The next morning he was quite surprised to find that I had prepared multiple plates of treats. He marveled at my “resourcefulness.” The older I get I realize the importance of all these little things that shaped the person that I am and the business that I love.

In 2007, I felt that there was a lack of eating establishments that were offering what I was looking for. I talked a good friend into being my silent partner and we were off and running. In 2013 my partner chose to no longer silent but a daily active part of the business. With the contributions from our team and guests alike we continue to grow and tweak our original concept. This journey has been something! Through everything we have been able to create a style of food and service that is unique and of great quality. I look forward to sharing our love of food and hospitality with you.

See you soon!